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Magaraggia Law Real Estate practice has a vast amount of experience in the acquisition process and in the transfer of property throughout Italy. Our consultancy and assistance can be applied to the contractual stages, and during the fiscal and private financial operations.

Our services extend to construction enterprises, investors and managers in real estate, both in Italy and abroad. Our clients receive a professional and complete service with full access to our expertise in the contractual, financial, construction and management aspects of each transaction and phase of the property transfer. Whether it is your intention to buy or to sell a property be it for habitable purposes, an office, a development project, hotel or even a tourist resort, we can assist you during the entire purchase or sales process, eliminating risks that could compromise a property transfer.

As a result of our longstanding relationship with a team of architects, engineers and notaries, we are able to ensure that any property presented to us has all the indispensable attributes required for a valid transfer of property rights. Our autonomy and independence when dealing with intermediaries and estate agents guarantees our clients that the property in question is transferred free of any mortgages, loans and third party claims of any genre, and is also in perfect regularity with planning permissions, conforming to town planning regulations and if necessary, certification is provided accordingly.

Our consultancy and contractual assistance applies to all operations during the realization of the buying and selling stages; inclusive of seasonal rental accommodation, business leases, and short and long term rentals for properties used for habitable and commercial purposes. We specialize in contentious real estate matters and have represented clients before the Italian courts in relation to disputes including:

Unfulfilled preliminary contracts of sale or preliminary contracts of sale in breach of contract.

For example: when a preliminary contract of sale has been signed, with a down payment or deposit, and one of the parties refuses to proceed to the final deed of sale or equally when it has become apparent that a property cannot be transferred legally for whatever motive.

Faults or defects found on a property where guarantees were issued

For example: If, after a property has been transferred to the new owner, the buyer discovers that the property in question has faults, defects or deformities that have rendered it unfit for purpose, or has diminished the value of that which was purchased.

Italian eviction law: guarantees against eviction

For example: If, after the property has been transferred to the new owner, the buyer is subjected to the deprivation or the limitation of his eventual rights to the property due to a third party who has laid claim against the property.

Vindication actions
Squatter’s rights
Rental and eviction
Condominium and Community
Magaraggia Law Firm provides legal assistance across the Italian peninsula, and in particular Puglia, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Parma, Naples, Sardinia, Sicily, Marche, Calabria and Abruzzo.