She bought home in Italy for 1 €, and tells how happy she is

Cecilia Solari, a woman from Argentina who bought a house for one euro in Sicily: “I want to live here”

Cecilia Solari, a woman from Argentina, is one of the new inhabitants of Mussomeli, a small town of 10,000 inhabitants in the province of Caltanissetta. Here, the administration has sold vacant houses for one euro to repopulate the village, which has already sold more than 100 houses, in particular to foreigners. After the death of her husband in 2016, the Argentinian craftswoman traveled the world.

“A year ago, I found myself in Sicily, I visited the most beautiful villages in Italy and I arrived here. I found the warmth I lacked, the important things in life,” says the 46 year old woman. I came here to look for values, I like the friendliness and the warmth of these people. I would like to establish here my laboratory for creating handcrafted jewelry. I like the floor of the room that will serve as a laboratory.

A house of 250 square meters

She bought a house of 250 square meters, on three floors, buying it among those of the project for one euro, even if she spent something more – still off the market – because it is already habitable. “On the lower floor, I will create my laboratory where I will create my jewelry,” explains Solari, who has already entered the community. Home buyers at one Euro

120 houses for one euro

The commune of Mussomeli, for its part, has already sold 120 houses for one euro, mainly to foreigners. Some houses have also been sold to Italian entrepreneurs, who want to use them for tourist rentals. Cecilia Solari is one of the new inhabitants of Mussomeli, a small town of 10,000 inhabitants in the province of Caltanissetta, having bought a 250m² house there for € 1.

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