10 reasons to consider buying property in Italy

Piazza San Carlo - Turin
Piazza San Carlo – Turin

Here are ten reasons that could prompt you to buy real estate in Italy, and the caveats that follow.

  1. You enjoy the culture of Italy or of one of its regions and would like to explore it more in depth. Be careful, Italian culture varies a lot from one region to another; moreover, what woos you at a glance may turn up to dismay you in the long run.
  2. You have an hobby that you could practice more enjoyably if you had a base in Italy, thanks to its climate or other particular conditions. Just try to practice your hobby for sufficient time in Italy.
  3. You have a large family and would like basil for all of you in which to enjoy holidays together or apart. Are you sure your family members will continue to enjoy holidays in Italy?
  4. You have young children and would like to have a base for seaside holidays. Give your children a chance to experience a holiday at the seaside in Italy before deciding.
  5. You are thinking about ways to boost your retirement finances and think property has good long-term potential. Check out taxes and the possible fluctuations of the real estate market in Italy.
  6. You would like to work and live in Italy. Check everything out carefully: working conditions, social life, fiscal obligations, food, pollution, etc.
  7. You would like to retire somewhere with a warmer climate. Provided that you won’t feel alone without your friends.
  8. You have a lump sum to invest in think putting it in a property could be a safe option and produce regular income. Verify the state of the rental market, taxes and recurrent expenses.
  9. You’ve heard about huge potential for capital growth in some areas and would like a slice of the action. Be careful, real estate market fluctuates a lot in Italy in recent years.
  10. You think you would enjoy the challenge of property developing overseas. At your own risk.

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