2018 Italian Budget Law: there are many home bonuses!

In the new Budget Law there is room for home bonuses. Let’s see what are the changing agendas and the remaining ones.

Bologna - Italy
Bologna – Italy
  • Ecobonus 65% – For the whole of 2018, the ecobonus was confirmed at 65% for energy efficiency in the home. But it changes the perimeter of incentives: the installation of fixtures, solar shields and condensing boilers and biomasses goes from 65% to 50%; the bonus for solar panels for hot water, heat pumps and other building block jobs remains unchanged at 65%.
  • 50% Bonus for Restructuring – It is possible to use the 50% bonus for restructuring costs incurred up to December 31, 2018, within a total amount of expenditure not exceeding 96,000 euros.
  • Furniture Bonuses – A 50% deduction for the purchase of furniture and large household appliances in class A or A +, for a ceiling of 10 thousand euros. The deductions will be spread over 10 rates.
  • Green Bonus – As of 1 January 2018, a figure of 36% of documented green fees can be deducted, up to a maximum of 5,000 euros for each real estate unit. The new discount will be dedicated to green housing “of private outdoor areas of existing buildings, real estate units, appliances or fencing”.
  • Dry Coupon Extension – Contrary to the drafts circulated in recent days, the 10% coupon is extended on agreed contractual contracts, but the extension will only be due for the next two years. No stabilization, therefore, and no enlargement  even to the “non-residential” properties, offices and stores remain excluded.
  • Sismabonus and condominium bonus – On the front of the condominium ecobonus there are 70 and 75% discounts that are confirmed until December 31, 2021. The sismabonus will reach by 2021, with varying percentages between 75% and 85%.
  • Ecobonus and sismabonus for former Iacp – The autonomous homes (formerly Iacp) can take advantage of the ecobonus for energy efficiency projects built on their property, as it was in the past, but also on real estate managed on behalf of the communes. The former Iacp will have access to the sismabonus up to a maximum of 85%.
  • Guarantee Fund – The National Fund is set up to provide guarantees on loans aimed at energy recovery with a budget of 50 million per year between 2018 and 2020, broken down between the Ministry of the Environment and the Mise. Low-income households will thus have easier access to bank loans: with these 50 million annually, it will be possible to stimulate, according to government estimates, about 600 million of investment.
  • Surrender of credits also for individual apartments – It is possible to transfer the deductions even for the transactions carried out on the single real estate unit, apart from the condominium interventions. Those who receive the bonus can then also transfer it again. So far, the possibility of transferring the deductions was limited to the only case of interventions on the condominium parts.
  • Technical Requirements and Ceilings – The minimum technical requirements that Efficiency Interventions have to comply must be updated to fit into the ecobonus perimeter. To deal with there will be a decree of the Ministry of Economic Development. The text will also review the specific cost ceilings for each type of intervention, in addition to the execution procedures of the sample checks performed by the Enea.


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