2019 house improvement reductions in Italy

Calabria, Italy
Calabria, Italy

Higher rates confirmed for retrofit deductions and energy savings.

Tax relief also for furniture and new gardens. One more year to renovate the house with a maxi-reduction of 50%.

From construction works to equipment, the finance law has postponed all deadlines to 12 months. Slip also for the ecobonus, for which it is possible to implement energy saving measures by recovering 65% on the Irpef.

Renovations. The 50% rate provided for the deduction for exceptional maintenance and renovation work will therefore apply to all expenses by the end of the year. Maximum ceiling for each apartment confirmed at 96,000 euros. The deduction allowed even if the payer is the cohabiting partner of the family member, and in the case of de facto couples. Indispensable to use the dedicated bank on which you must expressly indicate the tax code of the person who will use the deduction. In fact, banks have the obligation to communicate these data to the tax authorities in order to refine the precompiled declaration, so that the creation of text only contains these data. We must therefore pay the utmost attention to the establishment of the transfer. In case of energy saving interventions paid with the transfer for renovations such as change of lighting, purchase of air conditioners or gas boilers, photovoltaic panels, pellet stoves, you must also send a communication to ENEA on the site dedicated to renovations, within 90 days of completion of the work.

The mobile bonus. Who renovated the house last year or is about to do it now can also count on furniture and appliances. In this case, the maximum cost is 10,000 euros and must take into account what you have already spent last year for the same apartment. Compulsory payment with traceable instruments (bank transfer, credit card, debit card), but it is not necessary to use a bank transfer dedicated to restructuring. Anyone who buys appliances (oven, refrigerator, washing machine, hotplates) must send the communication to Enea within 90 days of purchase.

The green bonus. For those who decide to refurbish the walk or terrace, the specific facilitation is in effect, namely the deduction of 36% on a maximum expenditure of 5,000 euros. Even those who have the “green thumb” will have to turn to a gardener, because facilitation is not allowed for DIY work, for example the simple purchase of plants and planters, but only for the renovation of green places to create new gardens, install irrigation systems. In these cases too, payment is required with traceable instruments but not with a dedicated bank transfer.

Ecobonus. Another 12 months to take advantage of 65% or 50% reduction rates for energy saving interventions The higher rate applies to jobs that provide higher savings, such as insulation, the replacement of heating systems by condensing boilers equipped with thermo-valves, solar panels. 50% bonus instead for new appliances, sun protection, biomass boilers. In this case also, for the obligatory payments, the transfer dedicated to the ecobonus and the deduction inserted directly in the pre-filled declaration.

The condominium works. With the same rules are also confirmed the tax breaks condominium works, including the green premium. In this case, however, all the bureaucracy is charged to the administrator.

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