The most beautiful sea in Italy: where to go in the summer.

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The best beaches to swim in Italy.

Here is the most beautiful sea in Italy, where to take a bath at least once. It is about beaches, bays, inlets, coves even without a beach, where you can dive from the boat, offering pristine waters. Here’s where to go on vacation!

  • Cala Luna, Dorgali, Gulf of Orosei. The Gulf of Orosei, on the east coast of Sardinia offers a large amount of coves and wonderful beaches, all free and wild, accessible only by sea or through long and demanding trekking routes. The ruggedness of the place has kept these pristine beaches. Among these we report in particular the wonderful Cala Luna, in the territory of the municipality of Dorgali. The beach is long and spacious, formed of sand and pebbles and overlooks a turquoise sea. Its peculiarity, however, are the large caves that overlook the bay and offer shelter from the sun.
  • Lampedusa: Cala or Tabaccara inlet, still on the south coast of Lampedusa. Here there is not a beach and you take a bath, diving from the boat, but it will be a plunge into a turquoise water with intense and transparent blue. Unmissable for snorkelers. The water is so transparent that the boats seem to be suspended.
  • Abbey of San Fruttuoso, Camogli. In the list of the most beautiful sea in Italy could not miss the beautiful beach of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, which overlooks the promontory of Portofino, in the municipality of Camogli. Here the sea is limpidissimo, emerald green, and on the small white pebble beach rises the
    beautiful medieval Abbey. The bay is closed by the rocks of the promontory covered by the Mediterranean vegetation. You arrive here only by sea, with organized transport. The beach of San Fruttuoso is Blue Flag.
  • Beach of the Arco Magno, San Nicola Arcella.  An unmissable place to swim at least once in your life is the splendid beach of the Grotta dell’Arco Magno, on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast, in the southern part of the Gulf of Policastro, in San Nicola Arcella. The beach is enclosed by the walls of a cave on the sea, where it opens a large arch, access road, without the upper part.
  • Chia, Domus de Maria. Several times elected to the most beautiful beach in Italy by the Blue Guide of Legambiente and Touring Club, for the quality of its waters, the beauty of the landscape and the environmental protection, we could not fail to mention the beautiful beach of Chia, in the municipality of Domus de Maria, on the southern coast of Sardinia, in the westernmost part of the Golfo degli Angeli. Chia offers more than a beach, with its coastline that alternates sandy bays with rocky headlands, covered with Mediterranean vegetation, bathed by a clear sea, turquoise and blue.
  • Le Rocchette, Castiglione della Pescaia. The town of Castiglione della Pescaia offers a wide and beautiful beach, always awarded with the Blue Flag and as the most beautiful sea in Italy, thanks to its long and spacious sandy shore, bathed by a clear and clean sea, shaded by pine trees and from the Maremma scrub. The beach has free stretches and bathing facilities, especially near the town of Castiglione, which climbs on the hill where the beautiful ancient village rises.
  • Punta Prosciutto, Porto Cesareo, Ionian Salento. You can not miss the list of places with the most beautiful sea in Italy, the fabulous beach of Punta Prosciutto, on the coast of Porto Cesareo, in the upper Ionian Salento. Here we find a white sand beach, fine and impalpable, with a crystalline turquoise sea and shallow waters, as in the Caribbean. A beach not by chance beloved by Italian and foreign tourists. A paradise surrounded by centuries-old natural dunes and the Mediterranean scrub, quite free and wild even if equipped with services. Punta Prosciutto is one of the most beautiful and unmissable beaches of Salento
  • Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, Riserva dello Zingaro. We conclude the exhibition with a wonderful and uncontaminated Sicilian beach, that of Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, in the spectacular Zingaro Nature Reserve, in the territory of San Vito Lo Capo, in the province of Trapani, on the north-western peninsula of Sicily, which goes from Castellammare del Golfo to San Vito. The area is of exceptional scenic beauty and retains its original graceful splendor.

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