Dozza, an Italian village that’s an open sky art gallery

The walls of this town atop a hill are embellished with beautiful frescoes

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The medieval village of Dozza, one of the hundred “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”, located south of Bologna, 6 km from Imola on the crest of a hill, overlooking the river valley and slopes gently towards the via Emilia.

Why visit Dozza

A Dozza, art becomes urban landscape and decorates the walls of houses, streets and squares, with a wide variety of styles, open to sudden flashes of color. It’s a real museum in the open air, where you can admire more than a hundred works of prestigious names in contemporary art. Inside the fortress, there are preserved frescoes and sketches of the work on the wall exposed to the Centre for Research and documentation of painted wall.

The Biennial of Painted Wall, born in the sixties, gave Dozza a modern art gallery in the open, always available for the visit, no opening hours nor admission fees. The gallery is on the walls of houses, permanent frescoes and reliefs are created by guest artists every two years.

The painted wall materially characterizes the houses facades in the historic center, and the murals are in close symbiosis with the history, the atmosphere, the smells of the old village and the gentle hills. On the walls of this village, around windows, doors, workshops will shine the colors of the paintings.

Dozza has become a pictorial anthology, a true modern art gallery, outdoor, of singular interest, not only because it covers a semi-secular period, but also because the paintings are closely and intimately linked to the place for which they were designed.

Where to visit and what to see at Dozza

The best time to visit Dozza is definitely from May to September, to join in the occasion of the visit of the village by taking part in events such as the “Wine Festival” and the “New Biennial Painted Wall”.

Its historic center still retains its original urban fabric of medieval style, and the mighty Sforza Rocca, placed at the height of the country, is in perfect harmony with the rest of the village, which follows the route of the ancient walls.

In the historic center, to which painted walls give color and atmosphere, i’t’s also to visit the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption in the pool, built in the twelfth century on the remains of an ancient Roman church – it contains a table Marco Palmezzano, dated 1492 – the Rivellino, inside which was restored in the 18th century the gateway to the village.

Room with a view

Placed in a convent of 1200 completely renovated, Hotel Monte del Re is an ideal place to combine work and relaxation. Located on a hill overlooking the medieval town, it features an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery. The old church is now used as a conference room suitable especially for conferences and seminars.

Do not missat Dozza

At Dozza you can not leave without visiting the Enoteca Regionale. Located in the basement of Castello Sforzesco, are exposed for selling over 800 selected wine labels. The premises also host a wine bar for tastings guided by professional sommeliers.

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