Holiday homes in Italy: sales rise but prices drop


The number of transactions is increasing, but prices are falling.

The real estate market for holiday homes follows the national trend, with a 6.1% increase in transactions compared to 2018 and a 1.8% drop in average demand: here is the picture that emerges from the analysis carried out by the National Observatory of Tourist Real Estate of Fimaa-Confcommercio (Italian Federation of Business Brokers), in collaboration with the Nomisma economic studies office.

The increase in sales concerns the entire peninsula. There is an increase of 6.4% in the coastal areas and 7.6% in the lake areas. Even mountain resorts do not stay behind, recording a 4% increase. A different picture for prices, however: today, the average figure required for a tourist residence in Italy is 2,134 euros per square meter, about 40 euros less than two years ago. However, this is a less drastic contraction compared to the -2.5% recorded in 2018.

Costs fall mainly in Lazio (-3.5%), especially in the marine areas of the province of Rome, where a reduction of 3.8% is observed. Then come Liguria, with an average decrease of 3.1%, a percentage that reaches -5.7% if we focus on the region of Genoa. Only Friuli-Venezia Giulia experienced a turnaround that affected the entire region, with prices rising by 1.5%.

Beyond the variations, the place where the houses for tourist use have the most cost is certainly Capri (12,700 euros per square meter), followed by Forte dei Marmi (12,600 € / m²) and Madonna di Campiglio (12,400 euros per square meter) € / m²). At Ortisei, it cost just 8,900 euros per square meter, at Porto Rotondo in Sardinia 8,500 € / m² and at Sirmione 8,100 € / m².

A home at the seaside for less than € 1,000 per square meter!

On the southern coast, in Calabria and Puglia, a house about ten meters from the sea can cost less than € 1,000 per square meter! Yes, a thousand!Check it out here ici!

They go back to buying a house in southern Italy

Reasoning in terms of macro-zones, the best performances for the sale and purchase of buildings have been put forward in the south of the country, an area that attracts more and more Italian and foreign investors. The mid-range homes, ranging from 85 to 115 square meters, seem more interesting, with growth peaks of nearly 11.1%.

According to the analysis, buyers are mainly Italian. In 54% of cases, they come from another region, while a third decides not to go beyond regional borders, even when going on vacation. Only 15% of buyers are foreigners who choose to buy a house in Italy, 19% less than last year.

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