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Living room
Living room

In an increasingly competitive real estate market, home staging, the presentation of your home to potential buyers, can really make a difference. But what if you don’t have big budgets to invest? Here are some practical decoration and DIY tips.

Why home staging is important

Being able to imagine the possibility of living in this house: this is the main objective of home staging which, in the eyes of potential buyers, can represent a real plus. This is also a very important thing for those selling the property as these strategies lead to faster deals and higher selling prices.
Relying on a professional can undoubtedly be very useful, especially if it is a luxury property, but this involves an expense that is not within the reach of everyone. Just to get an idea, according to estimates from the National Association of Realtors, the association of real estate agents in the United States, the average amount of this service is around $ 400. However, there is no discouragement: the staging of a house with limited budgets is possible, thanks to some useful arrangements.

Tips for a successful arrangement

If it is a house where you live that is put on the market, the main thing to favor is the decluttering, thus limiting the presence of furniture and objects in the space. Put off family photos and overly personal furniture, neutralization is the password to arouse the interest of buyers. In fact, the more personalized the pieces, the more difficult it is for potential buyers to think about how to adapt them to their tastes and needs. On the contrary, if an empty good is offered for sale, the situation becomes more laborious and it is essential to conduct a first phase of research, for example by taking advantage of seasonal opportunities to sell better. It goes without saying that it is often more difficult to sell an empty property.


In the opinion of experts, it is not important to stage all the rooms in the house, you can choose to focus only on a few, the most important. Like the living room, for example, where you can focus on the seats and mirrors, which allows you to make the rooms brighter and larger. The bedroom is also considered attractive: a bed and a bedside table are the basis, to be enriched with new furnishing fabrics, perhaps a book and a small piece of furniture placed directly on the bedside table; if you have a wardrobe, you can put clothes inside. To stage the kitchen, it will be enough to be very careful to keep the environment clean and tidy, including the pantries. If you have too many small appliances on the worktop, remove them.
Make sure all rooms are well ventilated and lit. Cleanliness is essential.

What else? A bowl of fruit and bright colors to revive the environment by giving a touch of originality.

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