Italy, house prices up after the summer

La Spezia
La Spezia

0.7% over the quarter, 1.5% in one year. Discover the values ​​of your city.

After the summer months, the average house price in Italy is 1,733 euros/ m2.Source:

Housing prices reported by Idealista’s search service after the summer months rose 0.7%, to an average of 1,733 euros / m2. The annual trend has also improved, with a positive balance of 1.5%.
For Vincenzo De Tommaso, head of the idealistic research office: “the lockout gave the decisive impetus to those who already had the idea of ​​moving, so that the demand for housing quickly picked up during the months of been fueled by historically low interest rates, limited supply, and families’ desire to move into homes with larger spaces to customize or update them to meet current housing needs. All of this has given owners the feeling that they don’t have to lower their claims to close operations, although this may not attract bids from potential buyers and thus slow the market in the coming months while waiting for prices to drop ”.

Real estate prices in the regions

The last quarter saw prices increase in half of the Italian regions, with Trentino Alto Adige (2.4%) and Lombardy (2.1%) leading the upward trend ahead of Veneto and Lazio, all two with increases of 0.8%. Among the declining regional areas, the largest decrease concerns Basilicata (-1.4%), followed by Marche and Abruzzo with decreases of 0.8%.
Trentino Alto Adige becomes the region with the highest real estate values, with an average of 2,503 euros per square meter, ahead of Liguria (2,482 euros / m2) and Val d’Aosta (2,432 euros / m2), in a classification which sees in the lower part of the classification Sicily (1,064 euros / m2), Molise (919 euros / m2) and close Calabria to 909 euros.

Real estate prices in the provinces

Prevalence of decreases in 61 of 106 provincial markets analyzed. More than 80% of macro-zones remain in a range between -2% and 2%. The strongest increases in the quarter are due to Modena (5.5%), Milan (5.4%) and Verona (4.6%). On the other side of the table, we find Trieste (-4.8%), ahead of the provinces of Vercelli (-4.7%) and Messina (-4.2%).

Despite the last slight quarterly drop, Bolzano (3,605 euros / m2) is confirmed as the most expensive province in Italy, ahead of Savona (3,104 euros / m2) and Florence (2,752 euros / m2). On the other hand, Biella (630 euros / m2) is the cheapest, ahead of Caltanissetta (724 euros / m2) and Isernia (743 euros / m2).

Capital cities

After the summer months, there is a slight prevalence of capital cities in a negative trend (58 centers out of 110 followed). The biggest drops are due to Nuoro (-4.9%), Macerata (-4.3%) and Monza (-3.8%). In contrast, Agrigento (9.3%), Lecco (5.9%) and Modena (5.6%) recorded the biggest rebounds.
Among the big real estate places, Milan and Turin see the demands of the owners increase by 2.3%. Prices are also increasing in Palermo (0.6%) and Rome (0.4%). Florence (-0.9%), Genoa (-1.1%) and Naples (-1.3%) fell.

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