Houses to be restructured in Italy, real estate investment opportunities


Buidings of the '70s in Italy, Molise
Buidings of the ’70s in Italy, Molise

How the housing market changes due to redevelopment and urban restructuring

In Italy, no new houses are being built, while the Italian housing stock is outdated, as it was mostly built before 1990. The demand for rental and purchase of real estate changes, as 2 million square meters of housing remain empty in Italy. But if at first sight this may seem a critical problem, on the other hand, it represents a huge opportunity.

The renovation of real estate is the opportunity for the whole industry and for foreign or Italian investors

Italy is a country of 20 million home owners. However, the properties are often empty, blocked by the small number of real estate transactions. In this scenario, the renovation of Italian real estate is the future of construction and industry. Already, in fact, 19 percent of sales involve renovated homes. Gaetano Courage, from Paspartu Italy explains how the market evolves and how to meet the new demands of transformation today.

A connected, modern house. But also effective

The beautiful home is a healthy one, and online. The revival of Italian real estate is an opportunity for the entire industry. Today already, in fact, 19 percent of sales relate to the renovation of homes.

Environmental sustainability and energy savings are some of the key requirements

According to the “first report on the resumption of construction in Italy”, produced by Scenari Immobiliari (real estate scenarios) in collaboration with Paspartu Italy and presented in Milan, 62.2 per cent of the properties were built before 1990 (30.1 per cent even before 1970). An outdated, energy-consuming heritage, often insufficient to answer the question that has been raised in recent years. On the other hand, there are at least 147 million square meters of empty and ready-to-sell properties, compared to the 123 million square meters of inadequate and unresolvable housing.

With this framework, it is clear that the recovery and restoration of real estate assets could represent today one of the best opportunities for the whole sector: a market potential of 50 billion euros. “We have to create a new market,” explains Mario Breglia, president of Scenari Immobiliari. “And this role can be played by the restructuring of existing assets. Interventions that can render homes more comfortable, more pleasant, more beautiful. We can no longer consume land, so we have to take action on buildings, not just on individual apartments. “

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