The Italian industrial production keeps moving up

Strong increase in the turnover of Italian industry in December 2016 y/o/y

After the positive data on industrial production aired last week again positive signals from the Italian industry.

Ancona - Italy
Ancona – Italy

On average, in 2016, turnover recorded a slight increase in value (+ 0.2%), which was more pronounced in terms of volume in the manufacturing sector alone (+ 1.2%). In December 2016, adjusted for calendar effects (the number of days worked  was 20 days compared to December 21, 2015), total income increased over one year by 9.4%, with an increase of 8.2 % In the domestic market and 11.8% in the foreign market.

Industry, jump in sales in December: + 2.6% compared to November

Positive signals from Istat data. Well, even orders are up 2.8% from the previous month. This is the third consecutive increase. The increase in sales was much higher in foreign markets (+ 5.4%) than in the domestic market (+ 1.1%). Orders recorded, however, show an increase in the domestic market (+ 6.8%) and a decrease in the foreign market (-2.6%).

Political instability is a problem, but they will solve it

In Italy, the difficulty of governing the country is almost a habit that leads to many changes and resignations in governments. Nevertheless, I believe that there are enough moderate political forces in favor of effective reforms so that the recovery can be consolidated and Italy can attract foreign investment.

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