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This video of Italian cities portrays a collection of the best places, monuments, churches and landscapes of this marvellous peninsula. Charming cities are to be found all over Italy, with an awesome display of artistic masterpieces. Architecture is also astounding, witnessing deep and widespread cultural and human values.

Ascoli Piceno
Ascoli Piceno

Such a treasure portends the unshackable strenght of any investment in Italy, be it real estate or business.

As you can see,  most artworks belong to the 16th and 17th centuries. Indeed, the period of the Renaissance was the most prosperous for Italy. Nevertheless Italy wasn’t a nation, but there were many small kingdoms. There went unable to colonize as other stronger European nations did. Therefore Spain, France, Austria and the other European nations became much stronger than Italy and started to dominate it economically, politically and culturally. Italy became poorer, its cities, like Florence and Venice or Pisa, once very advanced economically and technologically, started a period of slow but continuos decadence.

Nowadays Italy taps from its great artistic talent to be world leader for industrial and fashion design, offering many business investment opportunities, thanks to small but creative companies. Real estate in Italy is also of great value, being harmoniously embedded in beautiful, artistic cities, towns and villages.


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