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We offer judicial and extra-judicial consultancy and assistance in the ownership of intangible assets and the protection of intellectual property rights (trade marks, patents and design rights).

We can advise on protecting your trade mark, patent or design at a national, European or international level. We have experience of the many deposit and registration procedures and in dealing with the various data banks.

We assist our clients in the administrative procedure, dealing in particular in cases involving opposition to the grant or registration of clients’ right. This can be by way of ordinary or precautionary proceedings presented in front of a specialist tribunal for counterfeiting, unfair competition, or the nullity of a patent. We also have experience of acting for clients in cases of infringement of IP rights.

We can also advise clients on use of other parties’ IP. Our services include drawing up of conveyancing contracts and licenses to use the patents, brand names or industrial designs. We also handle the relevant data bank transactions.