Survey: the Italian real estate keeps on improving

The evolution of the Fiups Index (real estate operators sentiment) from 01/2012 to 08/2015

The Fiups is an acronym for Federimmobiliare, University of Parma and Source Group and is a graphical representation of sentiment. The index is produced by Sorgente Group.

The Sentiment is a survey from a qualitative group, aimed at identifying the expectations expressed by the various sectors of the real estate in the 12 months to follow. It’s a projection of market sentiment in its main actors, a panel of around 200 operators in the real estate market, an evaluation that seeks to measure the expectations of real estate, on a quarterly basis. The answers provided in 14 major questions that comprise the estate Sentiment questionnaire, are the basis for the calculation. The operators respondents of the survey belong to the following main areas: trade, development, property, facility, design, evaluation, consulting, real estate finance, as well as numerous specialized professionals in the sector (engineers, architects, surveyors, notaries). Scientific coordinator of the project is Professor Claudio Cacciamani, flanked by Professor Federica Ielasi, while current operational coordinators are Dr. Sonia Peron and Dr. Lara Maini, of the Department of Economics of the University of Parma.

The index highlights an increase from 19.21 (relative to the first quarter 2015) to 20.05 (August 2015), confirming a growth trend of confidence which started from the beginning of 2012. The responses by the operators of the panel highlight how a sentiment of growth and improvement in the economy by the operators of the panel is absolutely consolidating. This will insert the point of departure from the surveys of the past … and it’s expected that in the next 12 months answers given by the operators of the panel will underscore a sentiment of improved perspectives in the economy.

Italian real estate operators sentiment
Italian real estate operators sentiment

The latest survey above reveals a more positive attitude of the operators, which is increasingly pushing not only to price stability, but also to moderate growth. All sectors seem to take advantage of this new vision, with the exception of industrial buildings. A stand out are hotels and commercial properties, which reflect the current economic recovery tangibly perceived by the operators of the panel.

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