The Italian real estate market catches up

Italy finally in the top ten of European real estate investors

This is what immediately catches your eye when you see the report “Emerging trends in real estate europe 2016” published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Italy then at the top thanks to the entry of Milan among the top ten European destinations for international operators, namely the eighth: four steps ahead compared to the previous year.

Milan real estate’s on a hot streak

This was possible thanks to the 4 billion euros invested in Milan at the turn of the last three months of 2014 and the first nine months of 2015. In particular Milan expectations are even greater growth in the year, so much so that it is expected that the real estate market of the city will be the second most vibrant in Europe in 2016. The most dynamic areas, after the boom of Porta Nuova, should be those close to Central Station and the district of City Life.

Foreign investment on the real estate market in Rome

As in Rome, the capital is on the 25th place in the rankings but is now ninth when you consider the amount of investment expected in the year. Here, the market is more difficult because of smaller dimensions: the problem, is the presence of poor quality product, but also the high level of fragmentation and less transparency. The residential market, is likely to remain the most dynamic especially if the approach is also extended to sub-sectors such as houses for students and healthcare.

Foreign real estate investment in Europe, Berlin shines

At the top of the ranking of Europe’s most interesting cities for operators remains Berlin, as it was last year. In second place was another German city, Hamburg, followed by Dublin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Birmingham and Lisbon. After the eighth Milan and Amsterdam we finally still find a German city, Monaco. Paris outside the top ten, however, due to domestic economic problems, most notably the unemployment rate. But to suffer the most will be Russia (especially until it is not clear what will happen in terms of economic sanctions, according to the report) and Turkey, for the known current events.

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