Exemplary case of a small Italian family business: Massimo Bottura


chef cook Massimo Bottura
chef cook Massimo Bottura

“Massimo Bottura, the owner of the restaurant Osteria Francescana, is an exemplary case of running a small Italian family business. His career is at the crossroads between entrepreneurship, culture and technology and is an example for the spread of Italian culture and the development of Made in Italy at the international level. The leader of Modena – three Michelin stars and world number one in the best 50 ranking – now receives an honorary degree in business administration in the Aula Magna of St. Lucia in Bologna, with a focus on the ethics of business, and of entrepreneurship.

Massimo Bottura
Massimo Bottura

Bottura is the chef who invented the Ambrosiano Refectory in the months of the Milan Expo (an adventure that has also become a film), the experience borrowed by other cities, with the participation of the best chefs on the planet. “Before the summer, we will open a refectory in London, in the heart of Chelsea. Alain Ducasse and Adrià have already joined. And then we go to Berlin. How much does it cost to eat in your “social” canteens? “In London, you will spend 50 cents for a soup, 30 for vegetables: this is obviously symbolic, we should not give them a gift. In Brazil, you pay nothing, the money is collected by renting spaces, welcoming and bright. Hosting people in need should not be associated with second-class places, in fact. It does not want to be charity, it is the restoration of dignity. ” A major difference.

“Fundamentally, I would say. It is like the call, to take the best products made in prison workshops. Charity is a task to be done in silence. You put your hand in your pocket and give. Here the concept is different: it comes down to cultural projects, which must be communicated. We must relate those who work with and for prisoners, support those who seek to get back into the game through work. Improve talent, ability, passion. Our cooks are loyal to our craftsmen, but no one prevents us from supporting a “social” supplier if it is able to withstand the competition of the market in terms of quality “. Today cooks are worth more than the sum of their recipes. We can make a difference because we are listened to. If international politics turn to the worst, there are many people who are fighting in silence. We must exploit this fruitful period, I think people realized that we can not lock ourselves in our little corner and that the slogan must be “sharing”

Assigning an honorary degree to a cook is not so common

“They also came from Harvard to understand how we operate in the shop. I want to call it “the shop”, because there is a place for education, culture, agriculture, tourism, social support. The new food tourism alters the local economy, I’ve never seen so many foreigners in Modena … We have two thousand applications for internships. They come here, and also absorb the culture of sustainability, the prohibition of waste, respect for the work of farmers.” – said Mr. Bottura.

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