Moving to Italy

en_flag Moving to Italy and purchasing a home can be a lot to deal with, a lot of everything quite frankly!! We were lucky to find English speaking real estate agent, lawyer, notary and builder.  Which was a necessity as our Italian language skills were non-excistant. The purchase process went as smooth as expected, but several other problems arouse along the way and as the years have gone by we can only come to one conclusion:

-Having Marco as our lawyer was a life saver! He was always there for us, responding quickly to any, and every, worry we had.  Ha gave great advice and got us out of very stressful situations.  Having lived here for 5 years now, we have gotten more experience of local lawyers (Marco is located 50km from us) and would not recommend any of them!  In the small towns the lawyers are too nestled into the society. Having a lawyer from a larger city as Lecce was a very good decision. Previous to moving to Italy neither of us had ever needed the assistance of a lawyer, beeing here and having to go to court was extremely stressful but with Marco by my side I felt confident that truth would prevail, and it did.

Linda & Rita Larsson, Villa Ottilia, Oria.

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