the tower -Termoli, Italy
the tower -Termoli, Italy

Imu, Tari and Tasi: tell me in which region you live and I will tell you how much they cost you

Municipal taxes are important in Italy, although cheaper than property taxes and housing taxes in France. In particular, in Liguria. And the most important tax is Imu, with an average cost of 197 euros. However, the waste tax and the Tasi, communal tax on integrated services, are no less important.

According to the data prepared by Adnkronos and contained in the tables distributed by the Ministry of Finance, during a parliamentary hearing on the fiscal capacity of local authorities for next year, in 2018, the Ligurians will pay on average 703 euros. Taxpayers who live in Calabria will pay less than half: 298 euros.

In 2018, Italian taxpayers will pay an average of 489 euros of municipal taxes, but with significant differences depending on their place of residence. After the Ligurians, to pay the highest local taxes will be those who live in Lazio (596 euros) and in Tuscany (581 euros).

Whereas, after Calabria, the least taxed will be the inhabitants of Basilicata (310 Euro) and Molise (354 Euros). Above the national average: Emilia Romagna (570 euros), Piedmont (500 euros), Lombardy (498 euros).

Below the average: Veneto (479 euros), Umbria (464 euros), Abruzzo (451 euros), Marche (429 euros), Apulia (389 euros), Campania (377 euros).

The cost of Imu

Imu is the most important tax, with an average cost of 197 euros. The highest peak is in Liguria, where it reaches 362 euros, and the lowest in Basilicata, where it stops at 108 euros. Then there are Tuscany (236 euros), Emilia Romagna (234 euros), the action (232 euros), Piedmont (212 euros), Lombardy (200 euros), Veneto Abruzzo (€ 181), Marche (€ 170), Umbria (€ 168), Molise (€ 159), Apulia (€ 158), Campania (€ 131) and Calabria (€ 115).

How much cost waste disposal (Tari)

Waste costs an average of 122 euros. Tuscany (€ 161), Lazio (€ 154), Campania (€ 142), Emilia Romagna (€ 139), Abruzzo (€ 135), Umbria 136 euros)), Liguria (134 euros).

Below the national average, Puglia (€ 119), Marche (€ 109), Piedmont (€ 105), Veneto (€ 102), Basilicata (€ 97), Calabria euros).

The weight of Tasi

The Tasi weighs on average 35 euros. There is Liguria (56 euros), then – above the national average – Emilia Romagna (43 euros), Tuscany (40 euros), Lombardy (39 euros), Lazio (39 euros), Piedmont (38 euros), Veneto (36 euros).

You pay less than the national average in Umbria (31 euros), Abruzzo (31 euros), Marche (29 euros), Molise (28 euros), Apulia (25 euros), Campania Calabria.

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  1. Hi thank you for nice comment about taxes in Italy . I try to understand it- could I say that in Italy small modest owned apartment is taxed about 500 euro average of course 1 time a year included all other taxes , waste taxes , street around home repairs all of them 3 ?- The mixing misleading fact is that we have to pay 2 x these taxes a year , why ? It means that we pay on average of course 2 x 500 euro ?? or one time only but two times means 250 euro 2 x.? could you answer me for this question ? thank you very much Ian

  2. HI,

    you’re welcome. In 2018, Italian taxpayers will pay an average of 489 euros of municipal taxes, all included, once. It depends also on locatiuon, size of the home, etc.


  3. Hi we have got flat in Sicialy ,Bagheria …so how much we should pay altogether?? However we are not using property ..

  4. I am Italian/Canadian citizenship and own a property with my 2 other brothers who are Italian citizens. No one lives at property. I live in Canada my brothers in Italy. There are 3 apartments one of which is not finished. Property is in Calabria. Do I still have to pay my share.? How much would total IMU be? Can I pay by visa or cash debit from Canada.!Which department do I speak with?

  5. hi, we have a house in petrulo provincia di Caserta ,myself and my 2 sisters own a portion each and my mum whos the owner,but we live in England and my eldest sister has lived in the house for about 37 years,do the 3 of us who live in England still pay for the imu ,

    many thanks

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