Real estate investing, the most profitable Italian cities

Piazza San Carlo - Turin
Piazza San Carlo – Turin

Real estate sales in Italy are going through a positive phase, especially in the big cities. In recent years, regional capitals have seen an increase in the number of investment-related transactions, also thanks to the activity of holiday homes. This is confirmed by a recent survey carried out by the Tecnocasa group’s research department, which analyzed the trend of investment transactions from 2014 to 2018. From north to south, we find out which are the places where it is interesting to bet.


It is the city whose real estate market is the most lively. Suffice it to say that between 2014 and 2018, home sales to be allocated to income went from 15.3% to 26.4% and that 43% of commercial activities opened last year are vacation homes. The Center has always been the most attractive area for investors, but recently other areas have also attracted interest: for example, Lodi-Corse, where more than 44% of purchases are registered, and Gioia-Fulvio Testi, attractive for both tourists and university students of Bicocca.


Despite a slight contraction in 2018, investment transactions have increased by more than 5 percentage points since 2014, from 17.3% to 22.6%. Centro-San Salvario and France-Sao Paulo are the most popular areas for tourists and students.


A well-known tourist destination, the city of Romeo and Juliet recorded a considerable increase in its investment turnover, from 23% to 30.8% over a period of four years. The historic center is the main attraction, ideal for holiday residences: here, more than 67% of purchases concern real estate to generate income. Then we find the Borgo Roma-Golosine area, which guarantees a good annual yield thanks to reduced prices.


While the housing market has fluctuated in recent years, the demand for investment purposes has not decreased, quite the contrary: between 2014 and 2018, there was an increase of 4.7% mostly in the center, where every second purchase is for income. Interesting not only for tourists but also for workers in the Prati-Francia macro-region, the second most popular for investors.


It is the capital where the increase in investment purchases has been the strongest, due to lower prices per square meter and increased tourism. While in 2014, 28.9% of the buildings purchased were intended to generate income, they exceeded 40% in 2018. The most popular areas are the center, Posillipo-Chiaia-San Ferdinando and the district of Foria.


More and more Italians, but not only, choose to buy a house in the Sicilian capital. Even after interventions aimed at improving its viability, the area of greatest interest to investors is the Center, which accounts for 44% of purchases for investment purposes. Follows the macro-region University-Brancaccio, thanks to the presence of the train station and the university.

And Florence, Venice, Pisa? Well, there properties for sale are few and expensive …

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