Residential real estate in Italy – the market grows; prices decrease

Prices stabilized in Q4 2017

homes exchanged in Italy from 2004 to 2017
homes exchanged in Italy from 2004 to 2017

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the residential real estate market grew by 6.3%. Prices have decreased by 4% in 2017, albeit the Q4 saw a stabilisation.

The residential real estate types most sought by Italians

The demographic changes that have gone through the company in recent years and the decline in property prices has led to a change in the type of properties required by buyers. Now the most requested are the three-room apartments, followed by the four-room apartments. But let’s see what is the situation in the main Italian cities according to the analysis of Tecnocasa.

According to the Tecnocasa study office, in January 2018 there was a prevalence of three-room apartments (40.5% of the preferences) followed by four rooms (24.1%) and two-room apartments (23.4%). The percentage of the latter type is also increasing due to a return of investors. Sales times are slightly down.

demand for homes in Italy
demand for homes in Italy
offer for homes in Italy
offer for homes in Italy

The analysis of the offer shows that in the major Italian cities the most common type is the three-room apartment, with a percentage of 32.7%, to follow the four rooms with 23.9% and finally the two-room apartment with 22.6% .

Rental prices up 1.9% in 2017

According to the rental report of the real estate marketplace, the rental price has returned to the rate of 1.9% in 2017, at an average of 8.6 euros per square meter per month, after the surge in the last quarter (0.8%).

This is an increase above the rate of inflation of 1.2% in Italy in the past year, which shows strong growth in demand driven by the centers of greatest attraction from the employment point of view.

Rental prices by region

16 out of 20 regions recorded positive changes over the last twelve months. The biggest increase is in Trentino Alto Adige (9.7%), followed by Valle d’Aosta (8.0%) and Veneto (7.0%).

Among the macro-areas with variations above the average for the period, the performance of Sardinia (6.1%), Piedmont (4.4%) and Puglia (4.1%) was highlighted. On the other hand, Basilicata (-7.3%) is the region that suffers the most, with a real drop in yields. Calabria (-4.5%), Campania (-2.7%) and Lazio (-1.1%) lay behind it.

On the price front, Lazio brings the rents to 11.4 euros / m², followed by Lombardy (10.9 euros / m²) and Tuscany (9.5 euros / m²). The lowest values ​​of the peninsula are in Basilicata (5.3 euros / m²), Molise (4.8 euros / m²) and Calabria (4.6 euros / m²).

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