Sambuca (Sicily) – 1 Euro Houses for Sale

Sambuca - lake Arancio - Sicily
Sambuca – lake Arancio – Sicily

Call for bids Update

On February 19th the Municipality has published a new call for bids (i.e., “Bando di Gara”, in Italian) for a second slot of properties in its historical district. The new slot includes 16 properties. A brief description of these properties, including few pictures and indicative site plans, are available on the Municipality’s website at:

On the same webpage, the Municipality has made available a document, in both Italian and English versions, describing the rules governing submission of bids and final assignment of the properties. The English version of the document can be found at:

Similarly to the prior call expired in May 2018, properties are assigned based on a silent auction with a starting price of 1 €, with participating bidders submitting their private offers and the highest bidder winning the property. The new deadline for submitting the bids is April 19th 2019 by 1pm.

Given the high visibility and foreign interest that this initiative has been recently attracted, our firm is currently committed to offer professional assistance to anyone interested in submitting bids to the call. We are offering support in all steps of the process, from forwarding additional professional pictures of the properties on sale as well as preparing the required documentation for the bids. We are also committed to assisting the
auction winners in the preliminary contractual stage with the Municipality and presenting the necessary renovation project within 90 days from the preliminary contract.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at for further info.

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