Investing in real estate in southern Italy

The Covid-19 has disrupted our lifestyle and especially work, with a strong impact also on the real estate sector. If until January those who wanted to invest in bricks were targeting the big cities, they are now looking with interest at a market that has remained marginal until now: southern Italy. There are many reasons. Here they are explained in brief.

South work, the turning point

What appeared to be a momentary phenomenon extends well beyond confinement: students and workers who have left major cities do not seem at all willing to return, at least until exams can be taken remotely and, above all, teleworking will be encouraged by companies. And as many have already announced that flexible working will continue for a long time, if not forever, the scenario becomes clear: the employee with a contract in Milan or Rome will be able to work from home in another region and travel to headquarters. only a few times a month. So why buy or rent a property where the prices are the highest?

The cost of brick in comparison

To buy a house in Milan or Rome, you have to take into account spending respectively 4 thousand and 3 thousand euros per square meter, while the rents are around 20 and 13 euros / m². In many southern cities, however, demand does not exceed 1000 euros per square meter and in the cheapest (Caltanissetta and Isernia) it does not even reach 750. Not only that: there are also municipalities that sell properties at symbolic figures or even paid by those who move to a small town with few inhabitants, as is the case in Molise where the active residence income initiative was launched.

Excellent quality of food in the south, and inexpensive

Especially when you look at food prices, the south is really down: the fish, vegetables, fruit, ice cream are delicious and cost about half as much compared to northern Italy.

Life is cheap in the south

Some highways, like the one connecting Naples to the bottom of Calabria, are free, and even the prices charged by craftsmen, or real estate rentals, are much cheaper than in the north.

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