Italy: the real estate market aims for sustainability

Bosco Verticale - Stefano Boeri
Bosco Verticale – Stefano Boeri

The Italian real estate market is increasingly focusing on the sustainability of buildings. Indeed, property sales with high energy standards are increasing, a tangible sign of the interest of our compatriots for houses with an increasingly ecological taste.

A very positive 2019

According to what was recently highlighted by an analysis carried out by the ENEA (National Bureau of Alternative Energy) in collaboration with the Institute for Competitiveness and the Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents, the Italian prospects seem very encouraging, with a trend, more marked in 2019 , to consider the energy efficiency of buildings, both during the renovation and during the purchase phase.

Indeed, the survey shows a very positive trend both for the new housing segment and for the renovated segment: in the first case, almost 80% of transactions concern goods of high energy class (A or B), while in the second the percentage goes from 22% in 2018 to 36% in 2019.

Last year, we also witnessed the consolidation of the dynamic which sees a reduction in the purchase of low energy class properties (G), with a very low percentage especially in the case of villas and detached houses. Despite this, according to experts, the national real estate market still sees a marked presence of these buildings (class D – G).

Excellent results for the prestige buildings segment, which sees a percentage jump of 10 points compared to 2018 on the front of the most efficient energy classes (A1-4 and B). The buildings located in the central areas of the main Italian capitals also recorded very good performances with a + 16%.

Will Covid-19 have an impact on the sector?

What will be the short and medium term consequences of the health emergency we are experiencing, is still difficult to establish with certainty. In the opinion of experts, this long lockdown that we have experienced and the advent of phase 2 will lead us all to reconsider even more the theme of sustainability, with a new way of living the house and its environment.

The scenario that awaits us in the near future is an increase in the demand for comfortable housing, with good energy performance, bright and low consumption. But, as Alessandro Federici of the ENEA, responsible for monitoring energy efficiency policies, points out, in the future, it will be necessary “to direct demand more and more towards deep renovation of condominium buildings. Many houses belong to this category in the semi-peripheral, peripheral and extreme periphery areas, which still have particularly poor energy performance. “

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