How to negotiate the price of a property in Italy

Sanremo - Italy
Sanremo – Italy

Some tips to get a better deal when buying any property in Italy

Don’t be in a hurry

if you got deadlines to respect, or are in a hurry for any reasons, it will be harder for you to get a good deal, since the other party will notice that, and will be less likely to accept price reductions.

Don’t fall in love with the house

try to the logic and objective. Too much enthusiasm will render you too generous with your offers.

Don’t be afraid that another buyer could outbid you

say to yourself: it’s either I get the house at the price I want, or nevermind. Unless you should absolutely buy that property, with no alternatives.

Estimate the likely market value of the house in the year when you forecast to resell it

because this could have a big influence on its actual price. If the house is likely to depreciate, you’d better bring up this argument during the negotiation.

Discover the secrets of the home

Become a detective and find out how long the house has been for sale and if the owner has lowered the price. If the house has been on the market for more than six months and always has the same price, the owner is probably in no hurry to sell. Otherwise, it can be treated.

Inquire about recent sale prices of similar properties

Ask neighbors who purchased recently; ask you real estate agent, and verify with the owners, if possible.

Be very kind and diplomatic when trying to lower the price

Being firm doesn’t imply any arrogance. Never hurt the seller’s feelings; if he is happy to sell to you, it will be more likely to concede a lower offer.

Price is not the only element to be negotiated

Furniture, kitchen appliances, the date for moving in, garden tools: these things can be part of the purchase, not only can they be negotiated, but their price is not subject to taxation. You should therefore deduct it from the total price of the purchase, in order to pay less taxes.

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