Italy likes to bike. The rise of cycle tourism: + 41% in 5 years

The choice of routes and holidays on two-wheel pedals is becoming more and more common. The point at BikeSummit 2019: “Growth is good, but infrastructure and security are needed”. There is an Italy pedaling and going further and further. It crosses the land without polluting and helps to enrich the country, both economically and environmentally. […]

Italians are the healthiest people in the world (according to Bloomberg)

For a long life and health, Italy is the place to live In the Bloomberg ranking, Italy happens to be the first country out of 163. Among the indicators, the quality and the life span. Not only counts wealth, but also counts the Mediterranean diet. Surprisingly, the peninsula, despite the crisis and the shaky economy, […]

Tourism: Italy continues to woo huge crowds

Euromonitor ranking of the most visited cities by international guests Hong Kong, the most visited, Rome 14th,  London is second Asia continues to dominate, but the British capital returns second, to the detriment of the city-state. Italy out of the top ten, but with encouraging signs of growth. But it is a partial picture and […]

Italian Succession Law

Italian  Succession Law   Succession law in Italy is provided for by the Civil Code. It disciplines two main types of succession: 1) inter vivos and 2) mortis causa. The first disciplines the acquisition of rights or property between living persons (natural and artificial) the second the acquisition of rights or property by inheritance under […]

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