Buying a house in Italy – taxes to pay, fiscal aspects

When you have to buy a house, you must keep in mind certain tax aspects. Let’s see what they are depending on whether you buy a house from a construction company or an individual. As noted by the National Council of Notaries, the purchase and sale of construction or renovation companies, except in special cases, […]

Veneto is the most visited region in Italy, thanks to the sea

Veneto in the European top 10 with nearly 18 million Italian and foreign visitors in 2016 Sea, Dolomites and Venice: it is the triptych that makes Veneto the most visited Italian region, the only one of the top ten in Europe. On the one hand, there is the coast of the province of Venice, from […]

Municipal taxes in Italy for 2018: Imu, Tasi, Tari

Imu, Tari and Tasi: tell me in which region you live and I will tell you how much they cost you Municipal taxes are important in Italy, although cheaper than property taxes and housing taxes in France. In particular, in Liguria. And the most important tax is Imu, with an average cost of 197 euros. […]

The deep evolution of the Italian real estate market

  Housing is no longer a safe haven for the younger generations The brick no longer seems to be the safe investment property, especially for the younger generation. The purchase of the house no longer seems to be a priority, due to the economic conditions that have changed for the so-called millenials, generations roughly 25 […]

Tax deductions for the renovation of buildings

Tax deductions for the house The table summarizes the tax deductions – valid for 2017 – for the renovation of buildings, the purchase of furniture, energy savings and anti-seismic measures as foreseen on the basis of the budget law which has just been published in the Official Journal. Here are all tax deductions for the […]

Rental income tax – a more favorable rate applies from 2016 on

In the STABILITY LAW 2016, a new Flat-Rate Tax Scheme favors landlords The flat-rate tax scheme, first introduced into the Italian tax system by Stability Law 2015, has been modified and made more practical and favourable in the 2016 Stability Law. The government’s aims for introducing the flat-rate tax scheme are to boost employment, steer Italy’s economic recovery […]

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

National Geographic Traveler Magazine Announces Its 2014 Best of the World List Features the 21 Best Trips to Take in 2014 November 21, 2013 Limestone dwellings, or trulli, in Puglia, Italy WASHINGTON (Nov. 21, 2013)—National Geographic Traveler magazine today announced its annual Best of the World list, featuring 20 destinations plus a bonus readers’ choice […]

Why Puglia trumps Tuscany — and where to buy

Why Puglia trumps Tuscany — and where to buy Italy’s sun-drenched heel is cheaper, warmer and less touristy than the traditional favourite, with turquoise waters and a hint of Greece about it Liz Rowlinson Published: 1 June 2014 Comment (0) Print Puglia, Italy’s sun-drenched heel, has long been a well-kept secret. Jutting into the translucent […]

The New York Times about Lecce, south Italy

By SETH SHERWOOD AUGUST 8, 2013 Thanks to dozens of mostly Baroque-era churches packing its maze of narrow streets, Lecce, the “Florence of the South,” dazzles with elaborately carved facades and interiors that erupt with symphonies of angels, cherubs, saints, saviors and Madonnas. But this small gem in Italy’s heel is far from a haven of monkish […]

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