Cadastral income: what it is, how it is calculated

Cadastral income: what it is, how it is calculated and what it is used for Have you ever read a cadastral survey? Among the various items that appear in the different boxes, there is a figure expressed as a euro: “reddito catastale”. That number there is much more relevant than you might think in the […]

Italy: taxes on the sale of a house, a notary’s advice

Interview with the national advisor of the Italian Notary Board Valentina Rubertelli Contrary to popular belief, even the seller, and not just the buyer, is required to pay taxes in a real estate purchase deed. Valentina Rubertelli, National Notary Board Advisor, explains to Idealista/news which direct and indirect taxes affect the sale of a house […]

In Italy, the future is in small towns

The future is in small towns: where there is life, clean air, slowness, healthy food. The challenge of reconnecting the country to repopulate the villages The future of Italy lies in the small municipalities. It is in these characteristic villages where time seems to have stood still, we breathe clean air, the rhythms flow more […]

Investing in real estate in southern Italy

The Covid-19 has disrupted our lifestyle and especially work, with a strong impact also on the real estate sector. If until January those who wanted to invest in bricks were targeting the big cities, they are now looking with interest at a market that has remained marginal until now: southern Italy. There are many reasons. […]

Covid-19 and real estate prices in Italy and Europe – S&P report

The S&P report sees Italy among the hardest hit countries, but the decline is contained. What does this mean for the European real estate market? According to S&P, the drop in transactions during the lockdown will only show its effects in a few months. In the meantime, the buying and selling activities will also be […]

Italy: main innovations of the 2019 tax decree for real estate

Let’s see what are the main innovations of the 2019 tax decree for real estate Confirmation of the coupon option Canceled the rule that provides penalties for those who forget to confirm the option for the coupon (cedolare secca) on rents at the time of the extension of the contract. Short rental identification code Each […]

Italy: compatibility of holiday rental with condominium regulations

In Italy there are many tourist resorts. Even cities like Milan, Naples, Turin enjoy a remarkable tourist attendance. Real estate is not expensive, often less than 1500 € per square meter. On the other hand, demand for short-term rental in almost all the many tourist locations is growing. This is why more and more foreign […]

2019 house improvement reductions in Italy

Higher rates confirmed for retrofit deductions and energy savings. Tax relief also for furniture and new gardens. One more year to renovate the house with a maxi-reduction of 50%. From construction works to equipment, the finance law has postponed all deadlines to 12 months. Slip also for the ecobonus, for which it is possible to […]

House purchase by auction: the first home bonus is valid

The application for tax relief for the purchase of the first house must be made before the transfer order. Buying an auction house can be a big plus. With the online auction portal, you can stay informed of the progress of judicial sales of all assets attached or for which bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing. Research […]

Real-estate investment tax savings for Italian citizens residing abroad

1) UP-FRONT TAX SAVINGS UPON THE PURCHASE OF A PROPERTY IN ITALY 1a) Requirements These tax savings apply to anyone (national or foreigner) who buys a “Prima Casa” in Italy. The tax savings amount is significant and pegged at 7% (i.e., 2% instead of the 9% ordinary tax rate) of the cadastral value of the property, not […]

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