Naked ownership and usufruct: advantages and disadvantages

Naked ownership and usufruct: implications for the seller and the buyer “Genoa: liferenter (usufructuary) aged 95 sells naked ownership of apartment of 6 large rooms with two balconies. The apartment is divided into an entrance hall, a large hall, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and pantry. High floor with elevator, sunny panoramic exposure. Only 85,000 €. […]

Moving to Italy

 Moving to Italy and purchasing a home can be a lot to deal with, a lot of everything quite frankly!! We were lucky to find English speaking real estate agent, lawyer, notary and builder.  Which was a necessity as our Italian language skills were non-excistant. The purchase process went as smooth as expected, but several […]

Buying a Trullo in Italy

As a non-Italian looking to purchase a property in Puglia, Marco’s assistance was invaluable. Marco explained the purchasing process, advised on possible areas of concern and provided ad-hoc translations when needed. Without Marco’s assistance, buying our Trullo could have been an incredibly difficult and expensive process. I’m really glad that we had Marco’s support and […]

Residential real estate in Italy – the market grows; prices decrease

Prices stabilized in Q4 2017 In the fourth quarter of 2017, the residential real estate market grew by 6.3%. Prices have decreased by 4% in 2017, albeit the Q4 saw a stabilisation. The residential real estate types most sought by Italians The demographic changes that have gone through the company in recent years and the […]

How to estimate the market value of a property

How to calculate the market value of real estate The construction costs, the neighborhood, the state of maintenance, the size, the finishes, the presence of the elevator rather than a terrace or a large garden and the energy class: these are the factors usually considered more important and therefore valued to define the price of […]

Hundreds of houses for sale at 1 euro in Italy

“1 Euro” properties: update on past and upcoming initiatives Given the high interest that “1 euro” properties have been recently attracted, we have prepared this short draft to update our readers about the past and current “1 Euro” properties’ initiatives across the entire Italian territory. These initiatives started few years ago already, with Ollolai being […]

Purchasing my property in Italy

I used Studio Legale Magaraggia eight years ago when purchasing my property in San Foca – Marco was instrumental in a smooth transaction.  He has helped me with a legal dispute after the purchase which was satisfactorily resolved – and more recently a problem with house insurance – again with a satisfactory result.  I would […]

Veneto is the most visited region in Italy, thanks to the sea

Veneto in the European top 10 with nearly 18 million Italian and foreign visitors in 2016 Sea, Dolomites and Venice: it is the triptych that makes Veneto the most visited Italian region, the only one of the top ten in Europe. On the one hand, there is the coast of the province of Venice, from […]

20 mistakes to avoid when buying a home in Italy

The purchase of a house is one of the most important decisions and probably the main investment in the lives of most Italians and, nevertheless, the same mistakes are frequently made. Buying a home is a big economic effort and sometimes we are engaged in a good part of life. After years of crisis, the […]

Hello Marco!

Hello Marco Now the court case is over both Sheila and I would like to thank you very much for all your help in resolving the matter, very much to our satisfaction. I think without your help the outcome could have been very much different. Finally may we take this opportunity to offer any help […]

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