Debt laden Italian banks render Italian real estate cheaper

The weakness of Italian banks, an opportunity for foreign investors? Italian banks have an estimated $360 billion worth of bad credit. Those are loans that will be hard to be rebate by the doors, since their financial or economic recitation doesn’t allow the stipulated payments. It is calculated that about $200 billion worth of loans […]

The Italian real estate market recovers slightly in the 2Q of 2016

The last real estate Observatory of Nomisma, one of Italy’s most prestigious think tanks, evidences that the interest of Italians is no longer limited to the residential sector in recent months: investment in real estate for companies has also grown. While noting a slight recovery in the housing market, in place for several years and […]

Italian real estate market back on a growth path

In 2015, in Italy, the real estate housing market, after the long, steep descent observed since 2007, seems to be back on a growth path (449,000 standardized transactions), confirming and passing (6.5%), the positive figure of the previous year (421,000). This is what we read in the report of the Revenue Agency for real estate […]

Rental income tax – a more favorable rate applies from 2016 on

In the STABILITY LAW 2016, a new Flat-Rate Tax Scheme favors landlords The flat-rate tax scheme, first introduced into the Italian tax system by Stability Law 2015, has been modified and made more practical and favourable in the 2016 Stability Law. The government’s aims for introducing the flat-rate tax scheme are to boost employment, steer Italy’s economic recovery […]

Italian real estate investment, pros and cons

The Italian economy is historically fluctuating. Sometimes, it undergoes a depression that can last more than a century. For instance, the Italian economy was perhaps Europe’s most prosperous during the Renaissance. Then, European nations started colonization of Africa, Asia and America, becoming richer and richer. Micro-states or cities in the peninsula (Italy became a nation only in 1861) […]

Lower property taxes likely to improve Italian real estate market

In 2016, the Italian government lowers property taxes in order to boost the real estate market IMU (Imposta Municipale Propria) and TASI (Tassa sui Servizi Indivisibili) are abolished for principal residences Practically, only residents in Italy will benefit from this abolition. Therefore, these two taxes will remain unchanged for secondary residences. For luxury houses and castles, IMU will get […]

Survey: the Italian real estate keeps on improving

The evolution of the Fiups Index (real estate operators sentiment) from 01/2012 to 08/2015 The Fiups is an acronym for Federimmobiliare, University of Parma and Source Group and is a graphical representation of sentiment. The index is produced by Sorgente Group. The Sentiment is a survey from a qualitative group, aimed at identifying the expectations […]

The Italian real estate market catches up

Italy finally in the top ten of European real estate investors This is what immediately catches your eye when you see the report “Emerging trends in real estate europe 2016” published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Italy then at the top thanks to the entry of Milan among the top ten […]

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