Real estate prices in Italy, stable in February 2022

Real estate prices in Italy vary greatly by region During the month of February 2022, the asking price for property for sale was highest in the Trentino Alto Adige region, at €2,892 per square meter. On the contrary, for a property for sale in the Calabria region, only €919 per square meter was asked, the […]

How inflation, war in Ukraine, affect the Italian real estate market

Inflation, war: the consequences for the Italian real estate market Inflation is never good for the real estate market. Sooner or later, it prompts the Central Bank to raise the prime rate, that is, the interest rate that they apply banks when they borrow money, the same money they borrow to issue mortgage loans. The […]

Buy a house in Italy with residence abroad: what benefits can you get?

First home bonus for moving abroad Many speak of brain drain, describing this phenomenon as a all Italian “curse”. However, this is often accompanied by another equally frightening factor: bureaucracy. In fact, when young people emigrate for work, they have to face a thousand quibbles not only in their new country, but also in their […]

Italy: on sale 1500 properties at auction under 50,000 €

Does buying a house at auction really save you money? The answer is affirmative! Indeed, that’s the only real reason why the auction market in Italy grows so fast. In addition, the auction market offers a great choice in terms of properties. Why do properties go to auction? There are 3 main reasons: The property is […]

The map of INPS real estate at auction in September 2021

The map of INPS (the Italian social security agency) properties at auction in September 2021 The real estate divestment plan for INPS assets continues. After the session last May, between 22 and 30 September other apartments and commercial premises will be auctioned in Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Tuscany and Marche. We prepared a map with some […]

Italy: how online real estate auctions work

What is an online real estate auction and what is the difference with a traditional auction? A real estate auction procedure is in general a method of sale that allows you to put more bidders in competition, to obtain a higher consideration and therefore greater satisfaction for the needs of the seller. Today, all auction […]

Buying a house at auction in Italy, a bargain

Buying a house at auction: everything you need to know Notary Valentina Rubertelli, president of the National Council of Notaries, provides with useful tips for buying a house at auction while saving costs. Why does a house go to auction? There are three different reasons why a property ends up at auction. The first concerns […]

Italy, many 1 euro houses at the seaside

In Italy, there are 1 euro houses by the sea €1 houses in Italy, what you should know: I don’t sell €1 houses, so please avoid asking me questions in the comments below they are all abandoned houses, which need restructuring, that can be often times costly the owners sell then them because they don’t […]

Drinking water bonus 2021: a 50% tax credit

  With the provision of June 16, 2021, the ItaliaIn nland Revenue set the operating rules for obtaining the 2021 drinking water bonus. Drinking water bonus 2021 in Italy : what it is To rationalize the use of water and reduce the consumption of plastic containers, there is a tax credit of 50% of the […]

Example of a preliminary Italian real estate sale contract

Here is an example of a preliminary contract for the sale of a house or flat. The seller is obliged to sell the property to him under the conditions stipulated in this contract. Here is an example of a preliminary contract for the sale of an Italian building. The seller is obliged to sell the […]

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