Cadastral income: what it is, how it is calculated

Cadastral income: what it is, how it is calculated and what it is used for Have you ever read a cadastral survey? Among the various items that appear in the different boxes, there is a figure expressed as a euro: “reddito catastale”. That number there is much more relevant than you might think in the […]

The Italian State’s Superbonus to replace heating and insulation for free

Superbonus 110%, the complete guide to understand how it works and who can benefit from it The Superbonus is a subsidy introduced by the Relaunch Decree which allows the 110% deduction on expenses incurred in the period between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2022 for interventions that improve the energy performance of a building […]

Italy: the one-euro house is gaining steam, but is it worth your money?

Firstly,  let me warn you: I don’t know any list of one euro houses, I don’t sell them, I can just give you legal advice, not in the comments, only if you contact our law firm through this website, through its contact form. Please don’t ask me questions in the comments, I won’t answer them. […]

1st home in Italy: the cost of taxes to buy it

You should know that, if you are resident abroad, you must establish your residence in Italy if you want to buy a home as your first home to benefit from the associated reduced taxation. Buying the first home is a very important step for many people and should be carefully considered. In this sense, an […]

Change in real estate prices in Italy in 2020

How the rental and sale prices of the various types of houses have changed in 2020 Faced with the crisis, the laws often change. It’s better to trust a real estate lawyer Between incentives and bonuses for restructuring, changes in taxation on sales and rentals, paying for the services of a real estate lawyer could […]

Italy: taxes on the sale of a house, a notary’s advice

Interview with the national advisor of the Italian Notary Board Valentina Rubertelli Contrary to popular belief, even the seller, and not just the buyer, is required to pay taxes in a real estate purchase deed. Valentina Rubertelli, National Notary Board Advisor, explains to Idealista/news which direct and indirect taxes affect the sale of a house […]

Italy: how to buy real estate at auction and get good deals

What are real estate auctions? In all parts of the country there are many properties available for auction at often very low prices whereby attractive real estate investments can be made. What is the sale of a property at auction The sale of real estate at auction, more correctly called judicial sale, is a civil […]

Lockdown in Italy, hunt for vacation homes

Affordable prices drive sales Especially couples between 45 and 54 are looking for a property (preferably independent and with three bedrooms) in tourist resorts. Telework is expected to become a permanent dimension once the pandemic is over. ROME – Sales analysis for the first nine months of 2020 seems to confirm the good trend for […]

Italy, house prices up after the summer

0.7% over the quarter, 1.5% in one year. Discover the values ​​of your city. After the summer months, the average house price in Italy is 1,733 euros/ m2.Source: Housing prices reported by Idealista’s search service after the summer months rose 0.7%, to an average of 1,733 euros / m2. The annual trend has also […]

In Italy, the future is in small towns

The future is in small towns: where there is life, clean air, slowness, healthy food. The challenge of reconnecting the country to repopulate the villages The future of Italy lies in the small municipalities. It is in these characteristic villages where time seems to have stood still, we breathe clean air, the rhythms flow more […]

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