Resolving a contract for non-performance in Italy

Non-fulfillment of obligations of a party leads to resolution of contract in Italy Termination of Contract for Non-Performance This is the case where the contract, at the request or initiative of the performing party, is resolved because of the non-performance of the obligations of the other party. It should be noted that, for a contract […]

Corporate confidence in Italy at its highest level since 2007

The economic climate is conducive to business in Italy Fourth consecutive increase in the corporate confidence index in Italy, which rose in April by more than two points (107.4) and reached the highest level since October 2007. There has been a sound growth, pushing manufacturing and construction (to obtain higher values ​​in both cases we […]

Italy’s fiscal offer to woo rich foreigners: a €100 k flat rate

  A new flat-rate tax: EUR 100 000 and you have finished with the Italian IRS (fisc) The Italian government has created a flat tax to invite the wealthy foreigners to set up residence in Italy. It may be extended to members of the family, to which it applies a replacement fee of € 25,000 […]

The Italian industrial production keeps moving up

Strong increase in the turnover of Italian industry in December 2016 y/o/y After the positive data on industrial production aired last week again positive signals from the Italian industry. On average, in 2016, turnover recorded a slight increase in value (+ 0.2%), which was more pronounced in terms of volume in the manufacturing sector alone […]

Exemplary case of a small Italian family business: Massimo Bottura

  “Massimo Bottura, the owner of the restaurant Osteria Francescana, is an exemplary case of running a small Italian family business. His career is at the crossroads between entrepreneurship, culture and technology and is an example for the spread of Italian culture and the development of Made in Italy at the international level. The leader […]

Italy first in Europe for companies led by CEOs under 35

  Young Italians dub German peers in terms of new business initiatives. There are in Italy 600,000 companies with a CEO under 35. With a pace of new openings of 325 a day, in the first nine months of 2016. Boom in the South, in the retail trade and agriculture There is a sector in which […]

Italian labour market improves thanks to Jobs Act

The reform introduced by Renzi’s government has improved employment and economy, albeit slightly Interim results on the field of the reform introduced by the Renzi government – it will take time, allowing the polls, to fully assess the structural effects – tell a two-faced reality: in early 2015, when started the reduction in contributions for […]

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